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Olympic-Inspired Skincare Tips  — February 15, 2018

Olympic-Inspired Skincare Tips 

Outdoor sports can wreak havoc on your skin.
Here are 5 products to help your dry winter skin make an Olympic comeback!  

2012 Hypothermic Half Marathon Edmonton #2

1) Obagi Hydrate Luxe–Use morning and evening for the face. 
2) Skinceuticals Soothing Cleanser for sensitive skin.
3) Skinceuticals body retexturing treatment to smooth chafing and decrease crepey look.
4) TNS eye repair for winter crinkles around the eyes.
5) SkinMedica Redness Relief to tame winter rosacea. 
To tailor a program to tame your winter skin problems, contact me at Arklatex Dermatology.
Rosacea – New Treatments For An Old Problem — August 30, 2015

Rosacea – New Treatments For An Old Problem


Good skin care for your face

What’s new (and not-so-new) with Rosacea? Rosacea, one of the most common adult skin care problems, can consist of: pimples (adult acne), broken veins, diffuse redness, and enlarging pores and oil glands. Take a good look at the latest treatments, as well as old standbys, to see what will work best for you.


Antibiotics (oral and topical) not only kill bacteria, but also decrease inflammation.

Soolantra® is an innovative new cream form of an old medication to kill microorganisms that cause inflammation.

Accutane – Not just for teens, this can permanently rid you of pimples.

Broken Veins/diffuse redness

Excel V Laser – This laser targets the hemoglobin in vessels, thereby destroying the vessels in just a few treatments. This is great for men as well as women, and has minimal downtime.

No time for lasers? Try Mirvaso. This is a daily cream that constricts blood vessels. It must be applied each day.

Panic time? Try the Colorescience color palette to cover red veins, bruises and other blemishes.

Enlarging pores and oil glands




All three of these products not only shrink oil glands and increase cell turnover, but also increase collagen production and decrease fine lines.

See your dermatologist for a customized treatment.  


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