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When Summer Does a Number on Your Skin — July 29, 2020

When Summer Does a Number on Your Skin

What to do when summer does a number on your skin? You need a good skin care routine!

  1. Dry skin on the upper arms and thighs — Use your ZO complexion renewal pads and follow it with Nectifirm moisturizer daily as part of your facial routine.  
  2. Keratosis Pilaris or arm bumps —Try 12% Lachydrin lotion
  3. Dull skin on the face — Add ZO exfoliating polish and Daily Power defense to your usual routine of sunscreen and Retin A.  
  4. Too much brown — Try the ZO Pigment Control Kit or add Lytera to your hydroquinone regimen.  Skin care routines can be customized at Arklatex Dermatology.
5 Expert Tips for Better Skin — July 8, 2020

5 Expert Tips for Better Skin

Be proactive and prevent problems by adding these helpful tips to your routine for skin care.  

  1. Acne breakouts—Make sure to blot sweat frequently.  Sweat build up clogs pores. Wash headbands, bras and other occlusive clothing to avoid dirt buildup. Make sure your makeup/sunscreen is non comedogenic and oil free. If you wear a mask, don’t wear makeup under the mask.
  2. Dry skin—Shower and shampoo after getting out of the pool.  Use extra conditioner for your hair. Use sunscreen, and use it often, as a burn will take you all summer to recover. Make sure your soap is mild, and always apply moisturizer immediately after showering.  Remember that excessive air conditioning is drying to your skin.  
  3. Folliculitis—Change out of sweaty clothes as soon as possible. Loose clothes don’t block your pores as much. Avoid hot tubs as they can contain a kind of bacteria called Pseudomonas.  
  4. Nail salons—Not all nail salons are created equal. Choose a salon that is meticulous about cleaning. Some salons keep separate tools for each client. Never shave right before an appointment, as small cracks in the skin can be an entry point for bacteria.
  5. Sun allergy—Check your medicines before getting in the sun. Certain medicines such as tetracycline can make you more likely to sunburn. When in doubt, check with your dermatologist.  
**NEW PRODUCT ALERT** — January 10, 2020


Black Mask – Made with the highest quality earth clays to unclog pores and absorb excess oil, this intensive mask noticeably refines the appearance of pores and deeply cleanses skin, leaving it polished and smooth.

Purifies and soothes skin with unique properties of Silt derived from European freshwater lakes

Contains the highest quality earth clays to unclog pores and absorb excess oil

Leaves skin looking polished and smooth

Helps to noticeably refine the appearance of pores

Who benefits? All skin types. Ideal for those with normal to oily skin types.

Helping Hands — April 17, 2018
Olympic-Inspired Skincare Tips  — February 15, 2018

Olympic-Inspired Skincare Tips 

Outdoor sports can wreak havoc on your skin.
Here are 5 products to help your dry winter skin make an Olympic comeback!  

2012 Hypothermic Half Marathon Edmonton #2

1) Obagi Hydrate Luxe–Use morning and evening for the face. 
2) Skinceuticals Soothing Cleanser for sensitive skin.
3) Skinceuticals body retexturing treatment to smooth chafing and decrease crepey look.
4) TNS eye repair for winter crinkles around the eyes.
5) SkinMedica Redness Relief to tame winter rosacea. 
To tailor a program to tame your winter skin problems, contact me at Arklatex Dermatology.
5 Tips For Gold Medal-Worthy Skin — February 13, 2018

5 Tips For Gold Medal-Worthy Skin

My top tips for an award-winning look!  


1) Get a facial.  Our hydrating facial using B5 gel will give you an Olympic glow.

2) Silkpeel for the face and hands exfoliates and freshens, reducing dullness 

3) Use Nectifirm, not only for the neck but the arms and chest. 

4) A Botox facial microneedling with an infusion of small amounts of Botox will help to erase fine lines and reduce pore size. 

5)PRP injections can stimulate collagen production.  Combine with microneedling for even more effect.

5 Skincare Products I’m in Love With (and you will be, too!) — February 4, 2018

5 Skincare Products I’m in Love With (and you will be, too!)


Everyone knows that sunscreen and Retin-A are must-haves. But, what next?

1. TNS Essential Serum – an antioxidant with growth factors. Use every morning on face, neck and backs of hands.
2. HA5 for the face. Decreases crepey skin and makes makeup go on smoothly.
3. Epidermal Repair Cream. Reduces flaking and peeling.
4. Cerave Healing Ointment. Use liberally on hands, especially at night.
5. Nectifirm. Use AM and PM on neck to reduce crepey skin. May be used on arms as well.

Your Holiday Season Survival Kit — November 21, 2017
The Quick Fix — November 2, 2017

The Quick Fix

You have less than a week until THE BIG EVENT. What can you do for a quick fix if you can’t afford downtime? 

1) Have a facial–our gentle calming facial is a good choice

2) Dermaplaning quickly removes facial “fuzzies”

3) Silkpeel combines microdermabrasion with a chemical infusion to freshen and brighten

4) Makeup consultation for derma blend to cover blemishes/bruises/discoloration that can’t be covered with ordinary makeup

Restoring Lost Facial Volume With Sculptra (Video) — October 29, 2017

Restoring Lost Facial Volume With Sculptra (Video)

Today, I discuss Dr. Baker’s Sculptra procedure.

Sculptra contains poly-L-lactic acid, which restores volume to the aging face. As you age, the collagen beneath the skin naturally begins to break down. This collagen gives your face volume and shape. As a result of the collagen breakdown, wrinkles and lines begin to form. Instead of “filling” the lines, Sculptra works differently; gradually stimulating the replacement the lost collagen. Essentially, it restores lost volume and improves facial contours without the downtime of a facelift.

Is Sculptra right for you? Watch this series of videos to learn more!

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