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Exfoliation — March 2, 2021


There is no doubt that dead skin buildup makes your skin look dull.  But, exfoliation that is too aggressive may leave your skin red and irritated. 

Listen to what your skin is telling you, and find the right balance of products. Use of Obagi or ZO exfoliating cleanser daily is fine, but you can also alternate with their gentle cleansers. The ZO complexion renewal pads are a mild exfoliation choice and also help to unclog pores. 

More aggressive exfoliation may be done with Obagi Exfoderm or ZO Exfoliating Polish, but you may want to limit use to one or 2 times a week. 

A super aggressive version of exfoliation may be done by using these products more frequently, but too much aggression may actually result in hyperpigmentation. 

If you don’t like the Do it Yourself approach, superficial chemical peels such as our Vitalize and Rejuvenize peels are great exfoliation choices.  Just don’t neglect this part of your beauty routine!

Getting Your Skin Ready For the New Year — December 20, 2020

Getting Your Skin Ready For the New Year

Winter is the best time to repair and replenish your skin.  Here are a few suggestions.  

  1. For a step up on removing brown spots, try one or a series of VI peels.  
  2. Start the ZO anti-aging kit .
  3. Get bikini ready with Coolsculpting.
  4. Remove unwanted hair with laser hair removal.
  5. Treat ugly spider veins on legs with sclerotherapy.

Remember that gift certificates are 10% off this month. 

Treating Dry, Chapped Lips in the Winter — December 13, 2020
Skincare for the Holidays — November 5, 2019

Skincare for the Holidays

Start getting your skin ready for the holiday season! Remember, lots of treatments can’t be done last-minute.

  1. Peels, lasers, Botox and fillers should be done at least 3 or 4 weeks before a big event.
  2. Keep on using sunscreen, RetinA and antioxidants daily.
  3. Back off exfoliating to 1 or 2 times a week.
  4. Increase your use of eye creams and moisturizer.
  5. Sleep with Vaseline on your lips.
  6. Add monthly facials and Silk peels to your routine.

Let me customize a skincare regimen for you!

What is INFINIskin? — September 10, 2018
May SkinCeuticals Special — May 3, 2018

May SkinCeuticals Special

If you aren’t using sunscreen daily, now’s the time to start. Couple with antioxidant like CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF for maximum benefit. This month only, buy SkinCeuticals antioxidant, get Physical Fusion SPF 50 free! Call today (318) 212-3440. 

Plan Ahead – Start Now to Look Great By New Year’s — October 29, 2017

Plan Ahead – Start Now to Look Great By New Year’s

1) Trouble fitting into your dress? You have time for two Cool Sculpting sessions before the holidays.

2) Sagging jowls or cheeks? Get your Sculptra, Juvederm or Restylane products. Any bruising will be long gone before holiday parties! Watch Dr. Baker receive Sculptra treatment: https://youtu.be/8EWGe0Qxq58 

3) Unwanted red or brown spots on face? Consult and laser treatment. Some procedures have little downtime, while others may have a week or more.

4) Facial wrinkles? A combination of Botox and lasers to erase these lines!



Prep for Shorts-Weather Legs Starts Now! — January 10, 2017

Prep for Shorts-Weather Legs Starts Now!

Usually we think of laser hair removal in the spring when we get out our warm weather clothing.  Actually, the time to begin preparations for warm weather is right now.  Since it takes several treatments to remove hair from  any area, start now to have smooth legs, underarms, and bikini area by June.                                                              

Tips for hair removal:

1)Shave the day before. 

2)Do not pluck, wax, or use depilatory creams for at least 3 weeks before treatment. 

3)Benzoyl peroxide washes can prevent razor burn.  

4)No self tanner or tanning bed while treating.                                                     



Winter Skincare Tips — January 9, 2017

Winter Skincare Tips

1) Use an antioxidant serum before your morning sunscreen.  A good bargain is Vitamin C Lotion 30% by Revision (109$).

 2) A light winter peel–lactic acid or salicylic acid–can rid you of dry, dull skin.  Add a hyaluronic acid moisturizer to really smooth your skin.  Good products:  Hydrating Serum by Revision ($65) or HA5 by SkinMedica ($178 but worth it).

3) Continue daily sunscreen–SPF 30 or greater.

4)Don’t stop your nightly Retin A, but consider a lower strength for winter.

5)For hand protection get CeraVe healing balm.

My Fall Skin Care Routine — November 2, 2016

My Fall Skin Care Routine


1) Obagi Cleanser
2) Obagi Toner
3) TNS Essential Serum (SkinMedica)
4) Tinted Sunscreen (SkinCeuticals)


1) Cleanser (Obagi)
2) Toner (Obagi)
3) HQRA ( combines 12% hydroquinone and 0.1% Retin A)

Two to three times a week, I also use an exfoliant – either Obagi’s Exfoderm or Revision’s Finishing Touch. If I am extremely dry, I add in Obagi Luxe in the evening ( after Retin A), and / or HA5 (SkinMedica) in the morning. This latter product will smooth out crepey skin and allow makeup to glide on.


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