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Recipe for Sexy Eyes — May 19, 2021

Recipe for Sexy Eyes

These 3 products are guaranteed to enhance eye appeal.  

Use your Latisse on your upper lids to lengthen and thicken lashes by lengthening the growing cycle.  

The Revitabrow stimulates eyebrow growth.  

Lastly, the Revitalashe double-ended volume set contains a volumizing primer as well as a volumizing mascara.  

All are available at Arklatex Dermatology.

Super Zit? — July 12, 2020

Super Zit?

Super zits are super annoying! Here are some tips for treating.

1) Do. Not. Mash!  This actually makes it last longer.  

2) Apply benzoyl peroxide nightly as part of your skin care regimen for several nights to dry it.  

3) Call your dermatologist to inject it with a mild cortisone solution.  

4) If cystic acne is a chronic problem, see your dermatologist about oral therapy.

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Newtox (video) — March 16, 2020

Newtox (video)

We take your health seriously. We are not seeing patients who are ill or have symptoms of coronavirus. If you are sick or concerned you have the virus, contact your PCP. We are taking extensive precautions with sanitization/hand washing, and are open for existing & new patients. Here, I discuss the various products available (such as “Newtox”) for treating wrinkles.

Hand Sanitizer and Coronavirus: What to Do When Your Neighbor Sneezes — March 6, 2020

Hand Sanitizer and Coronavirus: What to Do When Your Neighbor Sneezes

Coronavirus is spread primarily by droplets in the air or on surfaces. No single product can protect you absolutely. Masks are not recommended, except for infected patients and health care providers.  Hand washing and hand sanitizers are your best bet for protection. Both Purell, which contains alcohol, and Clorox wipes kill about 99% of germs. Don’t skimp—use it liberally to wipe not only hands, but surrounding surfaces. Carry individually-wrapped wipes in your purse or briefcase when away from home. Be safe and sensible.

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