Cooler, less humid weather is here.  Your Retin A is making your face peel. Your skin is getting chapped when you run.  What to do? Here’s a checklist of great products.

1)     Lux by Obagi is great for nighttime use on the face, neck and hands.  It enriches and calms the skin. Use it after your Retin A. Good skin care for your face

2)     TNS Recover Complex – made by Skin Medica – is used post peel and post laser.  This product repairs dry, damaged skin.

3)     Hydrating B5 gel by Skin Ceuticals contains hyaluronic acid and softens fine dry lines.

4)     Don’t forget your body! Switch from moisturizing lotion to creams.  They provide a better skin barrier and should be used all over your body daily.

5)     Lastly, sometimes more expensive is not always better.  Protect your lips and eyelids with Vaseline at night.  (Go lightly on eyelids, please).